Yellow Cheese

Dairy Produce 

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Cathedral City Mature 200g
Cathedral City Mature 350g
Cathedral City Light  200g
Cathedral City Mild 350g
Cathedral City Slices 160g
Cathedral City Extra Mature 200g
Cathedral City Extra Mature 350g
Cathedral City Variety Selection

Cheddar Nibbles
Davidstow Classic 350g
Davidstow Crackers 320g


Cathedral City Spreadable 125g
Cathedral City Onion 180g
Cathedral City Smoked 180g
Cathedral City Chilli 180g


Tims 125 Natural Yoghurt

Yeo Valley Natural Yoghurt

Yeo Valley Vanilla Yoghurt

Yeo Valley Strawberry Yoghurt

Yeo Valley Fruity 4pk

Activia Prune 4pk

Activia Strawberry 4pk

Activia Peach 4pk

Thick Creamy Yogurt 150g

C/C Plain 150g

Green Mix 113g

Muller A

Tims Low Fat Yoghurt 125g

Muller Rice 4pk

Muller Fruit Corner 4pk

Muller Crunch 4pk

Muller Lemon Greek 4pk

Muller Strawberry Bliss 4pk

Muller Milk Chocolate 4pk

Muller Gold 6pk

Actimel Original

Actimel Strawberry


Yakult Light

Benecol Strawberry

Benecol Light

Country Life 250g
Country Life Unsalted 250g
Country Life Spreadable 250g
Country Life Spreadable 500g
Country Life Spreadable Light 500g

Clover 250g

Clover 500g

Yeo Vale Butter 250g

Utterly Butterly 250g

Utterly Butterly 500g


Back Bacon 200g

Smoked 200g

Large Eggs

Medium Eggs

Large Free Range Eggs

Medium Free Range Eggs